Are you an Addict?

Are You a Crystal Meth Addict?
Are you a tweaker? Only you can answer these question. We may wonder at first if we are addicted – our experience has shown that if we lose control of our using we probably are.  Do you use more than you intended to?  Have friends, family or employers ever expressed concern about your behavior?  Are you concerned about your using?  If these questions make you uncomfortable, maybe you’re in the right place.  Only you can decide if you are an addict.  Having made that decision, we recognize that if we continue using, our ends are always the same: "Jails, Institutions, and Death."

What Can You Do About It?
If you sincerely want to stop using, we in Crystal Meth Anonymous can show you a program that will help you find the way out of your addiction. We can’t promise you a cure, because we don’t believe that any addict is ever truly cured of addiction—it is a chronic disease that we must live with for the rest of our lives. However, through the spiritual program we have found in CMA, we have learned how to stop using and start living. And so can you.


It doesn’t matter what you call it. It doesn’t matter how you did it. Crystal meth brought us to our knees, because, without exception, that’s what it does. Is crystal meth a problem in your life? Are you an addict? Only you can answer those questions. For most of us who have admitted defeat, the answer is very clear. Yes, we had a problem with speed, and no, we couldn’t fix the problem by ourselves. We had to admit defeat to win. Speed was our master.

We couldn’t control our drug use. What started out as weekend or occasional use became daily use, and we soon found ourselves beyond human aid. We truly suffered from a lack of power to fix our problem. Some of us used crystal meth as a tool to work harder and longer, but we couldn’t keep a job. Others picked at their faces and arms for hours and hours or pulled out their hair. Some of us had uncontrollable sexual desire. Others endlessly tinkered with projects, accomplishing nothing, but found ourselves so busy we couldn’t get to work on time.

We deluded ourselves into thinking that staying up for nights on end was OK, that our tweaking was under control, and that we could quit if we wanted to, or that we couldn’t afford to quit, or that our using didn’t affect our lives. Maybe we saw a friend go to jail, or lose their apartment, or lose their job, or lose the trust of their family, or die, but our clouded minds wouldn’t admit we were next.

Most of us saw no way out, believing that we would use until the day we died. Almost universally, if we had an honest moment, we found that our drug use made seemingly insurmountable problems in our lives. The only way out was if we had the courage to admit that crystal meth, our one time friend, was killing us.

It doesn’t matter how you got here. The courts sent some of us; others came for family or friends, and some of us came to CMA on our own. The question is if you want help and are willing to go to any lengths to change your life.


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